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bully free zone
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What to do about school bullies

Let’s face it, when it comes to school bullying there is the bully and victim.  Parents may need to offer support, guidance, love, and correction depending on which role your child may play in this scenario.

If your child is being bullied there are skills you can teach them to help to avoid or react to the conflict. offers the following skills which you can read in depth on their website:

  • Skill #1 – Act with awareness, calm, respect, and confidence
  • Skill #2 – Learn in a power, positive way
  • Skill #3 – Set boundaries about disrespectful or unsafe behavior
  • Skill #4 – Use your voice
  • Skill #5 – Protect your feelings from name-calling
  • Skill #6 – Speak up for positive inclusion
  • Skill #7 – Be persistent about getting help from busy adults
  • Skill #8 – Use physical self-defense as a last resort

For every child that is bullied there is also the child who is the aggressor.  What if this is your child?  How will you know? has 7 signs that your kid may be a bully.

  1. Your child has trouble sleeping
  2. Your child has behavioral issues
  3. Your child is getting in to trouble at school
  4. Your child is obsessed with popularity
  5. Your child’s friends show aggressive tendencies
  6. There is violence at home
  7. Your don’t have a good relationship with your child

Bullying is an unfortunate and painful part of school.  The best defense is a good offense.  Talk with your kids about bullying and how to prevent or report these actions.  As a parent, talk with your school administration about their policies on bullying.  The website is a great resource for working with your schools to engage with parents and staff, creating a safe environment,  and educating students and staff.


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Time to get back in to the classroom
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Transition from summer to school

The days are getting shorter and thoughts of getting kids back to school are in full swing.  Every parent faces the inevitable task of transitioning kids from a summer schedule to a school schedule.

Here are several areas of transition to concentrate your focus:

1. Anxiety – Both kids and parents may have anxiety about going back to school.  Talk with your kids about their anxiety and help them with a plan to return to school. Recognize the anxiety and plan a fun day to celebrate the end of summer.

2.  Sleep schedule – If your kids are used to staying outside late to play it can be a hard  shift to catching an early school bus.   Start at least one week before school by shifting the wake up and go to bed time by 10 minutes each day.

3. Healthy eating  - The ice cream truck will soon be gone and it’s time to start moving the kids from summer sugary and salty snacks back to healthy and natural snacks and meals.

4. One-on-one time – Kids grow up so quickly, try to schedule good quality time with each of your kids before everyone gets busy with the school year.  Make some final summer memories just the two of you.

If you’re kids are riding the bus for the first time, check out the School Bus 101 guide on tips to ease any fear or anxiety – for both of you.


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bento box
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Back to school lunches made easier with the bento box method

Summer is coming to an end which means it’s time to send the kids back to school.  Healthy lunches are important for kids to do well in school. Try using the bento box method for packing healthy school and work lunches.

Bento boxes can be used to divide your lunch into portions. Bento boxes are divided in four different sections  to make it easier to create your meal. What should be in these four sections?

  1.  Protein: One section of the bento box should consist of some sort of protein like turkey,        chicken, hummus, or eggs.
  2.  Carbs: This section should have your choice of a carbohydrate. Try a whole wheat tortilla, pita bread, brown rice, whole wheat bread or crackers. There are many healthy options so choose the one you or your child likes best.
  3.  Veggies: Don’t forget the vegetables! Try tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, celery sticks or a combination of them all!
  4.  Fruit: Fruits are the last portion of the bento box.  Grapes, strawberries, oranges, and apples are all great choices for your bento box lunch.

Running short on time? You can pack bento box luches a few days ahead of time to make your morning easier. Make it a family activity by having everyone make their own bento boxes with all their favorite healthy foods!

Try your own bento box lunch combinations throughout the school year and share them with us below!

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Spring Break 2014 – Oregon School Employee Wellness Conference in Bend, Oregon

The third annual Oregon School Employee Wellness Conference is right around the corner, and you know what that means? Three days in beautiful Bend, Oregon to mingle with school employees, public health experts, medical carrier representatives and community members who are passionate about school employee wellness!

The Oregon Education Association Choice Trust in partnership with other organizations hosts a free two day conference that focuses on creating a culture of wellness in the school setting. Read More

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Back-to-School Backpacks

Backpacks have become the most popular means for school age children to carry their books and school supplies.  And in fact, when used correctly, a properly designed backpack is an excellent way to carry the necessities of the school day.  Unfortunately, thousands of children each year experience back pain related to use of school backpacks that are too heavy or used incorrectly. With the start of the new school year, however, it is worth offering a reminder to parents and children of ways to prevent these from occurring.

Choose the right backpack Read More