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Short workouts are in!

Most people do not like to work out because it does not fit into their schedule. However, what about working out for 30 minutes at a higher intensity? Thirty minute, high intensity workouts are just as intense as working out for a longer period of time. In fact, they might even be more efficient as you are likely to take more breaks or not work out at such high intensity for a longer period of time. A high intensity interval training (HIIT) routine is the perfect way to fit workout in your schedule as well as help get your fitness level up.

Studies have shown that interval training can help burn more fat and increase your fitness level. HIIT is a combination of short bursts of energy, to get your heart rate going, and periods of rest (10-30 seconds) or low intensity (30 seconds -1 minute). HIIT is perfect for all individuals. It is easy to modify any routine to fit any fitness level. The most important thing to remember when doing a HIIT is to keep moving! If you feel that you won’t last the remaining 30 seconds of your jumping jack set, that’s okay just do a modification of a jumping jack or jog in place. The point of the routine is to keep moving for 30 minutes.

Check out this great article for getting started with making your own HIIT routine.  Remember, modifications of exercises are okay! How do you find them? Write modification in front of any exercise name in google or YouTube for videos and articles on a variety of modifications. Don’t forget to change up your routine once in a while. Once you are used to adding a 30 minute HIIT into your schedule, change the routine every other day so you can really reach your full potential!

If you just can’t find 30 minutes in your day, try getting in three 10 minute workouts or walks throughout your day. This will be the perfect way to take your breaks at work as well. Walking after you eat can help your digestion and sugar levels as well as burn some calories. Try and take a walk after breakfast, after lunch and dinner. No one likes working right after they eat so a quick walk will help clear the mind, get your exercise in and help you digest. It is a win-win situation.


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New Year’s Resolutions that Stickk

While many people are thinking about the holidays soon approaching, I can’t help but start brainstorming New Year’s Resolutions. Now before you start yelling, “not yet!” hear me out.

What if you had some sort of extrinsic motivation for this New Year’s goal? Meaning, what if someone were to pay you to keep your goal. Would you do it?

What if the tables were turned and they made you pay them say $10 each day you don’t meet your goal? Read More

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Tai Chi – Exercise For All Fitness Levels

The recent release of The Karate Kid remake has stirred quite an interest in martial arts. Similar to the story, our own Fred Bruderlin (left), Director of DMC here at ODS, has been a student of martial arts for over 25 years. He first received his black belt in Goju style Karate and has studied Yang style Tai Chi with Master Sik Hung Chan and Master Fu Yuan Ni. Read More