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5 tips for staying active in the winter

We all know that getting outdoors in the summer months is a lot easier than in the winter. But don’t let that deter you! There are still plenty of fun outdoor activities you can participate in. Just follow these simple tips to staying warm the next time you venture outside.

  1. Layer it up: By wearing layers not only will it keep you warm, but if you begin to get too hot you can easily remove a layer or two. You can also add your favorite accessories – think headbands, hats, or even your sunglasses.
  2. Do a warm up: Just a 5 minute routine like jumping jacks or running in place will help get you going. Just make sure to stop before you begin to sweat. Play the Rocky theme song if you must.
  3. Be Aware: Make sure you know the weather conditions in the location of your work out. Modify your routine to accommodate the weather. If it is snowing, perhaps a snowshoeing adventure is better than a run.
  4. Be noticed:  Stay in an open area or wear a bright piece of clothing. We are loving the bright neon yellow jackets and reflective gear for bicyclists.
  5. Stay Inside: There is always an alternate way of completing a similar exercise in doors. Know when to say no if the conditions outdoor are not ideal.  Use what is accessible in your home (like hand weights, resistance bands or even your heavy everyday objects like milk jugs) to create a satisfying routine.

Your mind is a powerful tool. As long as you put your mind to completing your exercise routine, it will happen.  Self-determination is the key! Now bundle up, have fun, and be safe out there!

caption-arrow  Feature photo by Dustin Gaffke

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