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The Muse: A headband that trains your brain on the beach

Headbands aren’t just for style anymore, they can now help you manage your stress. The new Muse headband from InteraXon will help you learn to focus and effectively manage stress.

Stress is a daily part of our lives but is not always easy to manage. The Muse uses a mindfulness technique that takes you to a scenic sunny beach. When your brain starts to drift,  the scene will change, causing you to focus back on the relaxing beach image.

You can  track your mindfulness activity by adding the app to your phone. You can practice for as little as 3 minutes, so there is no room for the excuse that you don’t have enough time in the day!

This is definitely on my wishlist for Christmas this year! Anything that involves the beach has me hooked.

Do you think this would help you manage your stress? Tell me what you think by commenting below.

caption-arrow  Feature photo by Adrian in Bangkok

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