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CVS walks the talk

CVS, the second largest drugstore company in the United States, announced this week that they will no longer be selling tobacco products. Wave goodbye to cigarettes, chewing tobacco and cigars, and say hello to replacement therapies like gum and patches.

As if getting rid of tobacco altogether wasn’t a major change for the company, they will also be changing their name to CVS Health. This will show a full commitment to helping its customers live a healthier lifestyle.

We like to say here that you need to walk the talk. That can be anything from exercise, mental health, or quitting tobacco for example. We all know that smoking and using tobacco is bad, but often do not have the motivation or will to change.

Maybe the removal of tobacco products from drugstores is a small step to having an increasingly tobacco free population. What do you think?

Way to walk the talk CVS Health!

caption-arrow  Feature photo by Mike Mozart

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