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Why You Need to Start Fist Bumping

Please join us in welcoming our new Wellness Intern, Karey, to the Moda Health Team. We are excited to have her contribute to the My apple a day blog! 

How do you like to say hello? The traditional hand shake may be the wrong way to say hello.  A study conducted in the UK finds that shaking hands spreads 10x the amount of germs than fist bumping! This is because shaking hands spreads germs easier than the fist bump, especially if they are unwashed hands.

The new study suggests  that fist bumping may be the cleanest way to say hello. So wave goodbye to the handshake and start bumping more fists! The same study also found that fist bumping beat out high fives! Check out the link to the article for more information at

With going back to school, and the flu season arriving, this study couldn’t have come at a better time! Make sure to wash your hands, and comment below to tell us how you like to say hello!

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