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Take 30 minutes a day to boost your health

It’s not that hard to be active. The key is get 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week. Walking at a brisk pace fills the bill. So do bicycling, dancing and a host of other activities.

How do you know if an activity is moderate? It feels somewhat — but not too — hard. You:

  • Are breathing quickly but not out of breath
  • Develop a light sweat after about 10 minutes of activity
  • Can carry on a conversation but not sing

Being moderately active can benefit your health in many ways. For example, you’ll:

  • Sleep better
  • Strengthen your bones
  • Lower your risk of depression

Regular moderate activity will also help prevent conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease. It can even reduce risk for some cancers.

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Nip stress-related drinking in the bud

Do you ever drink alcohol because you feel stressed? Studies show that many people do.

Drinking too much alcohol can lead to many health problems, such as increased risk of heart and liver diseases. It can cause nasty hangovers or even alcohol poisoning.

If you are drinking too much, you can get on a healthier path by:

  • Cutting back or quitting
  • Keeping track of how much you drink
  • Avoiding places where too much drinking occurs
  • Finding other ways to deal with stress

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Join us and other organizations in your community to spread the word to help prevent alcohol abuse.

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