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Party it up! Tips on drinking safe

We are approaching one of the most anticipated Sundays all year! Parties have been planned and lined up for weeks in celebration of who will win the 2015 Super Bowl XLIX. We already gave you some helpful tips on how to snack healthy, don’t think we forgot about the drinks. Here some tips on how to drink safely.

DD: Designate a person who will be your driver. This person can be any one in the group who plans on not having an alcoholic beverage. By planning ahead you will have no worries on how you will get home and will be able to relax and enjoy your night. If your DD is no longer able to drive, go to Plan C. Call a Cab!

Pace yourself: Drink slowly and eat a healthy snack in between your drinks. Measure your drinks so you are aware of the amount of alcohol you are placing in your body. By pacing yourself you will also be able to aware of what your alcohol limit is. It may take 30-60  minutes in order for your body to feel the effects of alcohol.

Eat: Make sure you have eaten a full meal before beginning to drink. This will help your body absorb the alcohol better and the effects will not hit you as hard. When you drink on an empty stomach you begin to feel the effects of the alcohol at a quicker rate.  Continuing to drink water throughout the party is also a great idea.

Drink safely, eat healthy  and have a great Super Bowl Sunday Party. Go Seahawks!!!



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5 tips for staying active in the winter

We all know that getting outdoors in the summer months is a lot easier than in the winter. But don’t let that deter you! There are still plenty of fun outdoor activities you can participate in. Just follow these simple tips to staying warm the next time you venture outside.

  1. Layer it up: By wearing layers not only will it keep you warm, but if you begin to get too hot you can easily remove a layer or two. You can also add your favorite accessories – think headbands, hats, or even your sunglasses.
  2. Do a warm up: Just a 5 minute routine like jumping jacks or running in place will help get you going. Just make sure to stop before you begin to sweat. Play the Rocky theme song if you must.
  3. Be Aware: Make sure you know the weather conditions in the location of your work out. Modify your routine to accommodate the weather. If it is snowing, perhaps a snowshoeing adventure is better than a run.
  4. Be noticed:  Stay in an open area or wear a bright piece of clothing. We are loving the bright neon yellow jackets and reflective gear for bicyclists.
  5. Stay Inside: There is always an alternate way of completing a similar exercise in doors. Know when to say no if the conditions outdoor are not ideal.  Use what is accessible in your home (like hand weights, resistance bands or even your heavy everyday objects like milk jugs) to create a satisfying routine.

Your mind is a powerful tool. As long as you put your mind to completing your exercise routine, it will happen.  Self-determination is the key! Now bundle up, have fun, and be safe out there!

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John Martinez Pavliga
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U of O championship game – TBI Awareness month

As we anxiously await the 2015 college football playoff national championship game on tonight, we are rooting for a win, as well as a game played safely. As we tune in to the game,  we often cheer for the rough tackles, interceptions and sacks. The excitement of that moment’s first down overcomes our emotions. We get especially excited about winning that bet and having the ability to brag to our friends  when our team is better than theirs. However, keep in mind that real injuries may occur and the safety of the players is also important.

January is National Winter Sports Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Awareness month. This month, let’s take into consideration the risk that these athletes take for our enjoyment. We are happy that their safety is being talked about and that our teams are guided by the leagues with the necessary safety precautions in place.  Hoping for a safe game and an Oregon win!

The  University of Oregon Ducks play the Ohio State Buckeyes tonight, January 12th. Their last big game was in 2010 for the Rose Bowl in which the Buckeyes took home the victory. Oregon is looking for a win with their 2014 Heisman winning quarter back Marcus Mariota. 

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Pacific Crest Trail
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Go Wild – 4 tips to safe hiking

We all receive inspiration in many different forms. This can come from an experience, books or even watching a movie. In the film Wild it displays a woman who is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail on her own. She surpasses obstacles and creates a movement that motivates those who watch.  This leaves many of us anticipating on how we can accomplish a similar trip. Here are some tips to keep you safe while hiking:

  1. Disclose your location - Let people know where you will be hiking, the duration of your hike, who you are with and when they should expect you back.
  2. Watch the climate - Check the weather and be aware of the circumstances. There is nothing wrong with postponing a trip due to bad weather.
  3. Be prepared - Wear proper attire; carry supplies that you can anticipate to use (ex. First aid kit), have plenty of water available.
  4. Plan properly - Become familiar with the hike and stay on trail as best as you can. A map and compass are good tools to assist with direction.

The most important tip is to have fun and make the most of your journey. Take lots of pictures, and soak in the beauty of nature that is all around you.

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