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The Pavlok: A new wristband that will shock you

Have you heard about the new wristband set to hit the market in 2015? It’s called the Pavlok and it’s completely different. It emits an electric shock if you don’t meet your goals. Sound interesting?

There are 3 apps currently linked with the Pavlok in the market. The first is Pavlok: Wake Up in which the wristband sends the user an electrical shock for hitting the snooze button. Perhaps this will be the next step in Karey’s morning routine!

The second is Pavlok: Focus which is said to increase productivity and focus by monitoring your computer browser.  Multitasking is the cause for punishment here.

The third, and my favorite, is the Pavlok: Fit that tracks your sleep and activity. This would be a great tool when you are sitting on the couch instead of going to the gym. Can you imagine getting a shock until you got up?!

So, what do you think? Would a shock help you meet your goals? Tell us below.

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Are you a morning person? Tricks to turning a night owl into a morning person

I have finally joined the 8-5 club. Before this, I would stay up until midnight every night and wake up around 10AM the next day. I have recently found a few ways to help manage the mornings and make my days a little more stress free! Check out some of my favorite tips below.

  1. Plan and pack ahead. Like a lot of other people, I am sluggish and forgetful in the morning.  If I don’t plan and pack ahead, I am rushing to head out the door and end up forgetting my lunch or coffee (which is a necessity in the morning for me). So I have learned to plan what I am wearing the night before, and also pack my lunch and gym bag.
  2. Set a smart alarm. I tend to hit the snooze button one too many times in the morning. I have a smart alarm app called Smile Alarm that makes  me solve a math problem in the morning to turn the alarm off. This has helped me keep on track in the morning for the last month!
  3. Do a little dance. Once my feet hit the floor I turn on Pandora and do a morning dance to get me energized for the day. Going for  a walk would work just as great, but music does the trick for getting me energized in the  early hours.
  4. Stick to a schedule. I wake up at the same time every morning. Even on the weekends I only allow myself to sleep in until 7AM. This has forced me to keep to an early bedtime and not be so tired for those dreaded Monday mornings.

I am still working  on a few more tricks to help me turn from a night owl to a morning person, but these have made a big impact on keeping a successful morning routine. If you have any tricks that have worked for you, feel free to share your ideas with me below!

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Why You Need to Start Fist Bumping

Please join us in welcoming our new Wellness Intern, Karey, to the Moda Health Team. We are excited to have her contribute to the My apple a day blog! 

How do you like to say hello? The traditional hand shake may be the wrong way to say hello.  A study conducted in the UK finds that shaking hands spreads 10x the amount of germs than fist bumping! This is because shaking hands spreads germs easier than the fist bump, especially if they are unwashed hands.

The new study suggests  that fist bumping may be the cleanest way to say hello. So wave goodbye to the handshake and start bumping more fists! The same study also found that fist bumping beat out high fives! Check out the link to the article for more information at

With going back to school, and the flu season arriving, this study couldn’t have come at a better time! Make sure to wash your hands, and comment below to tell us how you like to say hello!

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World Hepatitis Awareness Day
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Think twice-World Hepatitis Awareness Day is July 28th!

Next Monday is  National Hepatitis Awareness Day, July 28th. This year is the 7th year that the World Health Organization (WHO) and World Hepatitis Alliance are partnering for National Hepatitis Awareness Day to bring awareness to viral hepatitis. The WHO recognizes viral Hepatitis as the world’s 8th biggest killer.

World Hepatitis Alliance and WHO are asking for anyone and everyone to tweet pictures that have made you think twice. Pictures can be anything from a saying,  cartoon, to a real life photo. Tweet your pictures to #thinkhepatitis if you want to raise awareness to viral hepatitis. You can also go to their website at to learn more!

Has there been something that has made you think twice about viral hepatitis?

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Tory Burch + Fitbit = Love

A new era of fitness bands have arrived! Earlier this week, popular fashion designer Tory Burch released a new accessory collection that will work with the Fitbit Flex. For the first time ever fitness trackers and fashion are now in perfect harmony.  I couldn’t be more excited!

As part of the collection there is a brass necklace, a brass bracelet (as seen in photo) and two decorative print silicone bands. The Fitbit Flex sensor simply pops into the jewelry and is concealed. When wearing it throughout the day it will track your daily steps, calories burned and even  your sleep cycles. Nobody will know that you are wearing a fitness tracker. It will be great for those that would like a little extra privacy in monitoring their health. As much as I love my Fitbit it gets a little bulky to wear it every day. I have a feeling that this jewelry fitness combo will be the first of many!

You can view all designs and preorder on either the Fitbit or the Tory Burch websites.  The Tory Burch line starts at $38 and goes up to around $195.  The FitBit Flex will continue to be sold separately for $99.

What do you think of this trend? Will you get one?

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Join us in Bend, OR - 
March 22-24, 2015
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Spring Break 2015 – Oregon School Employee Wellness Conference in Bend, Oregon

Save the date for the fourth annual Oregon School Employee Wellness Conference! Join us for 3 days in beautiful Bend, Oregon to mingle with school employees, public health experts, medical carriers and community members who are passionate about school employee wellness. 

The Oregon Education Association Choice Trust in partnership with other organizations hosts a free two day conference that focuses on creating a culture of wellness in the school setting. This conference isn’t for you if you like to sit in a lecture hall and listen to talking heads.  This conference is all about putting into practice what you learn. The OR SEW Conference is an opportunity to learn best practices to promote health and wellness in the school, learn strategies to reduce stress and foster resiliency and fuel your passion for health.  Physical activity and movement is incorporated into all of the presentations. Yoga, tai chi, runs and walks are also part of the agenda. Plus, doesn’t it always seem to be sunny in Bend, Oregon?

For more information, go to

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