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Did you hear? The Moda Center added healthy food!

Registered Dietitian and Moda Health Coach, Chrissy Cralen, worked with Levy Restaurants to establish guidelines for a new food cart called Plum Tasty. Plum Tasty is named after the primary color from Moda Health’s color palette and will be located outside entry A9 on the Moda Center’s 100-level concourse.  Each menu item has met the following criteria: minimally processed whole food ingredients rich in nutrients; less than 35% calories from fat, with a focus on healthy fats; less than 600 mg of sodium; limited refined carbohydrates.The cart will also feature specialty gluten-free and dairy-free items.

The debut of Plum Tasty was on March 18 and things have been great! Next time you are there stop by and grab something healthy to go.  If you do, let us know what you think!

Photo by Tom Coates
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New food label – Added sugars

March is National Nutrition Month so it seems only right to continue with the topic of nutrition and the newly proposed nutrition label. Dominique Lopez-Stickney, a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Dietitian, was our guest blogger last week and will continue to share her thoughts throughout this month. Dominique is a Health Coach here at Moda and specializes in weight and diabetes management, and health behavior change. Read More