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The Rationale for Preventive Mastectomy

Preventive mastectomy, done to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, involves the surgical removal of one or both breasts. This procedure, also called prophylactic mastectomy, was in the news recently when actress Angelina Jolie announced her decision to undergo the procedure. Women with certain risk factors are much more likely to develop breast cancer than women in the general population and preventive mastectomy has been shown to reduce this risk by up to 90 percent.

Check out the questions and answers below from our Moda eDoc providers for more information.

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Misconceptions of sunscreen
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The Rights and Wrongs of Sunscreen Use

The topic of sunscreen use is filled with controversy and misconceptions. Here are a few of the common misconceptions provided by eDoc regarding the use of sunscreens to preventing skin damage from sunburn:

Misconception #1 – The SPF is an indication of sunscreen protection across the entire ultraviolet light spectrum. The sun emits two types of ultraviolet light—UVB, which causes sunburn and can lead to skin cancer, and UVA, which causes wrinkles and deeper skin damage that can also lead to skin cancer. Most people know that SPF stands for sun protection factor. What is less well known is that this is a measure of how well the sunscreen deflects UVB rays only. Sunscreens that pass the Federal Drug Administration’s (FDA) broad spectrum test, however, will have demonstrated that they also provide UVA protection that is proportional to their UVB protection.

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