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Enjoying your skiing vacation – 7 tips to keep you healthy

Check out these 7 tips from our ODS eDoc team regarding the winter ski season to make sure you have a happy and healthy day in the snow.

1) Prepare yourself physically. Preparing yourself through physical activity, both aerobic and strength training, will help you to be able ski more proficiently and to avoid post-exercise soreness. Many articles that you read about exercises to prepare for ski season have merit. A couple of the better articles can be found here and here.

2) Respect the altitude. Particularly during the holiday season and spring break, most people at my local ski area are “flatlanders”, living thousands of feet lower than the base elevation of 10,700 ft. It is virtually impossible to travel from near sea-level to this elevation without experiencing some symptoms of altitude sickness. Not to mention the effect of altitude on physical exertion in an environment with a reduced partial pressure of oxygen. While it can take several weeks to acclimatize to a higher elevation, after just a few days, the body becomes more efficient at extracting oxygen from the air and physical performance improves. Altitude-related symptoms can include difficulty sleeping, dizziness or light-headedness, headache, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, rapid heart rate, and shortness of breath. Any of these can be accentuated by overexertion, dehydration or alcohol consumption. Most can be lessened by a more gradual increase in elevation or by moderating activity levels during the first few days at altitude.

3) Don’t try to squeeze every minute out of your daily ski pass. Read More