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Text Messaging and Health Hazards

Text messaging has become a preferred method of communication for a large number of Americans, particularly teens and young adults. Along with its popularity, however, have come a number of health hazards. Foremost of these are repetitive stress injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and walking-while-texting injuries. Read on for this week’s article provided by our eHealth team. Read More

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Sunglasses: Merging Fashion With Function

Well…we are in June but the sun does not want to come out here in the Pacific Northwest. When it does, I will be ready with my new sunglasses. Do you know how to pick stylish yet protective eyewear? Let’s take a look at the article below from our eHealth team.

New sunglasses are usually selected for their frames, the size of the lenses, or for a particular coating on the lenses, rather than considering the amount of protection that they afford. It is important to remember that the most important job for sunglasses is to prevent damage to the eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Fortunately, with a little knowledge about Ultraviolet (UV) radiation and sunglasses technology, fashion does not have to take a backseat to safety.
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