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Portland’s March For Babies – How You Can Help

Aren’t those the cutest little feet you have ever seen? This is the new 2011 March For Babies Public Service Announcement as posted on the March For Babies Blog. March For Babies is a very special wellness walk by March of Dimes that will be held in Portland, and in several other communities, at the end April. As there are several new baby feet in my family, this is a cause that I hope to join this year. Do you know anyone pregnant or with small children? Perhaps this is a cause that you should join too!    Read More

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World Health Day 2011 – Help Us Celebrate!

World Health Day marks the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO) each year by selecting a health issue of importance. The goal of World Health Day is to bring together communities and people of diverse backgrounds all over the world to promote healthy living. This year’s World Health Day is on April 7th and the theme is Combat Drug Resistance.

Antimicrobial resistance, also known as drug resistance, is becoming critical problem and efforts need to be made to prevent resistance. Drug resistance occurs when bacteria, viruses and parasites change the way they react to medications used to cure them. When this occurs the bacteria, viruses or parasites become “superbugs” and can easily be spread to others and sometimes this “superbug” can kill.

What does this mean for you? Read More