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Health Related Apps: Nutrition & Fitness

With all the hype over recent technology (namely iPhones and iTunes), I can’t help but wonder about all the apps that encourage nutrition and fitness. When I purchased my iPhone last year, I jumped at the chance to browse through health related apps. I was very excited to see just how many tools are available. You can track your nutrition and exercise, set goals, learn new workouts, connect with other users, and much more.

I have done some research to give you a list of the health related apps that I think are the best and provide most accurate health information.

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Set Running Goals: 5k, 10k, Half Marathon Training

Last year I decided to run my first timed 5k. I am not a natural runner by any means but I reluctantly agreed because some of my friends were participating. On the day of the race I had a surge of energy but a lot of jitters. Once I crossed the finish line I remember having such a sense of accomplishment. I had finished something that I never thought I would do. Since then I have been curious as to what my body is actually capable of so I signed up for another 5k.

My second timed 5k was the Portland Rose Festival’s Starlight Parade. This race is before the Starlight Parade so the streets are lined with families waiting. Everyone that runs in this event is to dress up

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July 4th Weekend: 5k and 10k events in Oregon

Since the weather is finally getting nice here in the northwest, it is a great time to get outside and enjoy a 4th of July fun run. Many people think that running a 5k or a 10k is only for serious runners but this is just not true anymore. You can run or walk almost all of the events and they usually have a fun theme and party at the end. Here is a list of 5k and 10k events around Oregon. I will share my story of running in a future post but let me just say that the best part of participating Read More